• Andrea Shepard

Easter Basket Ideas

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

I would say that Easter is one of my favorite holidays, but the truth is most holidays are my favorite. Holidays are just special days that give me an extra push to spend quality time with family + usually give me a reason to spoil my little people.. thats a win in my book!

My littles are all at such fun ages right now + it makes doing Easter baskets that much more exciting for me. Andie is 9, Jagger 6, Tripp 5 + Casley 2. We usually spend our Easters in Las Vegas so often times I lean toward prepping us for the swimming season. The kids will get swim toys, swimming suits, sunglasses + a few treats. Im not huge on treats because we get so much candy from doing Easter egg hunts. Below I have compiled some great ideas for your little ones baskets! Simply click on the photo that you like + it will direct you to the correct website to purchase the item!

I hope you enjoy + create some amazing baskets for your little people!

Love always,

Andrea Shepard

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