• Andrea Shepard


This weeks to do list:

Take kids to sports, grocery shop, change address, haircuts, (dogs and kids)

I could go on and on.. but what is missing from this list?

Every Monday morning I like to wake up a little early to plan out my week. After looking at the schedule I choose one night of the week that isn’t jam packed with dance practices and play dates then shoot my husband a quick text. “Date night Thursday at 6:00?” For us, it really is that simple. Making sure that Justin and I get one on one time together is a big priority of mine. Being able to give each other our undivided attention for a few hours each week really helps us to stay connected. 

The other day I watched by The Truth Bomb Mom. Click HERE to watch it! In her video she talks about how her and her spouse go on a “first date” with each other a couple of times a year. This particular video really got me thinking.. how many couples don’t set aside the time for each other? How many couples are at home right now, wishing that they could spend one on one time with their spouse? How on earth are you going to juggle all of this? Trust me, I get it! Finding the time can be tough, but I promise that it is worth it. Justin and I are extremely fortunate to have someone that helps out with the littles while we go. However, there have been times when they can’t make it and instead of just cancelling our time together, we find another way to make it work. 

Sometimes our at home date nights end up being better than when we go out. These are the nights that we tuck our kids into bed and cook a nice meal together, pour a glass of wine and cuddle on the couch. I usually make him sit through some sappy romance movie and he throws in his extra commentary the entire time. Is it way later than our normal dinner time? Do we end up going to bed super late? Absolutely, but we spent time together. 


Are you spending enough one on one time with your spouse? Have the two of you made this a priority? If your answer is no, I challenge you this week to randomly text your spouse and set up a date night. 




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