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Toddler Bedroom Design

Somedays I dream that my itty bitty four pound baby is still swaddled in her crib, but then I wake up. At that startling moment of opening my eyes, I realize that she is in fact a small human trying to figure out just how much of her sass this mama will take. We are inching closer + closer to this whole threenager stage of life and boy is she ready to take on that title.

I have finally gotten around to creating her bedroom. If you've been around for a bit you know that this summer we moved + are in the process of remodeling. When designing her space at our new home I wanted to be sure that it was functional but it also had to have room for her to learn + grow. Although she is two years old, she still adores blankets.

A while back I came across a company called Mebie Baby and let me tell you.. if you haven't tried out their blankets you are truly missing out. I wanted Casley to have full access to some of the things that she loves. She sleeps with one of her "soft blankets" every single night + snuggles with them all day long. I like a clean space + although I tried to keep them folded at all times, I quickly came to terms with the fact that some things are out of my control. We have found the perfect compromise with these simple hooks.

Books, Casley June has always had a love for reading or browsing through books. I wanted her very favorites to be easily accessible to her. Lately, "The Adventures of Tripp & Casley" has been her go to. Her + Tripp will sit on the bed giggling as they flip through the pages of their wild adventures. You can customize your own special book by clicking the photo below and using code RAINBOWS15 to receive 15% off!

These Ikea photo ledges were the perfect fit for what we were looking for. Her books are easily accessible + they look nice and neat. I think she truly enjoys being able to get to them whenever she wants.There is nothing sweeter than walking into her room in the morning and finding her making up words to the adorable pages in her books.

The amount of bounce, dance + snuggle parties she throws for herself on this house bed is countless. I think she truly adores this part of her space the most. We, and by that I mean my husband built her this bed before our move. I can't thank him enough because it turned out perfect. When we first built it I had thought it was the measurements for a crib mattress but luckily, I was wrong. She has been sleeping on this twin sized bed since she turned two and I am thrilled because it turned out to be something that she could grow with.

Casley is super energetic + adores having her own space to play dress ups, sing songs, read books, snuggle, color + explore in. I hope that you can take something away from this post and create a fun designed room for your little people as well.

Much love,

Andrea Shepard

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