• Andrea Shepard


Time, what does it mean to you? Is it simply hands ticking from second to second, minute to minute hour to hour? To me, time isn’t just the hands ticking but the memories and moments that are being created as those seconds pass.

I recently had the opportunity to spend some one on one time with my grandfather before he passed away. After chatting our afternoon away, I got thinking about my life, the things I have accomplished, the things I wish I had done and the moments that are quickly passing by.

My grandparents spent 65 years of their lives loving and adoring each other. It was truly an old fashion love that held strong until the very end. I remember being a small child and watching the way that they looked at each other with affection glowing in their eyes. The admiration they had for one another was always clearly visible, but things were not always sunshine and roses. My granddad held my hand and explained that times were not always easy for the two of them. I was honestly shocked to hear him say those words. He talked about the things that always ended up holding them together and the things that tore them apart.

The day they said “I do,” they agreed to spend forever together. Sometimes, that goodnight kiss or the words “I am sorry” are worth more than an angry week of time ticking right by.

Some days when I look at Justin, I can’t stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks. They’re not sad tears but tears full of hope that I can truly be the best wife to him and that we will make it through, forever. I am blessed beyond words that he chose me to spend his time with, day in and day out.

Take a glance down at that watch on your wrist, is it ticking? My hope is that when my husband looks down at his arm and sees this watch that I have given him that he will think of me, our little people and the life we are creating with the time that we have been given. Time is precious.

With love,

Andrea Shepard

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